At CorrelAid, we are big fans of Open Source. We contribute to the community through the maintenance and development of several R and Python packages that all have the aim to make data more easily accessible. In addition, we try to open source our Data4Good projects whenever GDPR allows for it. Finally, we have made our internal documentation and several of our internal tools openly accessible.

Package Development

Data4Good projects and events


  • TidyTuesday: CorrelAid tidytuesday contributions
  • Gender equality and mobility: Code and data for the blog post about gender differences in mobility patterns
  • CorrelAidX Challenge: Over the course of 8 weeks in summer 2020, we called on our local chapters to use regional data, provided by the state statistical offices, from their region and submit creative data projects using the python package developed by Datenguide in collaboration with CorrelAid. You can read more about the challenge here.
  • CorrelCollection: Collection of materials from our annual conference, the open online data meetup series and other events and workshops

Open Source CorrelAid Infrastructure